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Windows 8

Windows 8 Application Development

Windows 8 is the latest version of the Windows operating system by Microsoft.

windows8Princeton Web Systems began working on Windows 8 applications as soon as development releases were available, implementing applications using C#/XAML/Silverlight and HTML5/Javascript.

There are a few reasons Princeton Web Systems can be trusted with the development of your Windows 8 app:

  • We're equally comfortable working on both small and large projects
  • We can provide cross-platform solutions: desktop, tablets, mobile apps
  • We're no stranger to contract-based programming
  • We can develop hybrid applications, combining different technologies
  • Our designers know Modern UI features and have previously designed for Windows 8
  • Princeton Web Systems has expertise in the development of:
    • Modern UI applications
    • Semantic zoom
    • Live tiles
    • Notifications
    • Search, PlayTo, Settings, Share & other contracts
    • Camera
    • Geo-location
    • Sensors
    • Gestures & multi-touch
    • Background agents
    • Data roaming and cloud storage
  • We have an excellent reputation and a strong track record
  • We give bulletproof IP protection

Success Stories

One of Princeton Web Systems' latest projects involved development of a user-friendly, fast, and stable application for Windows 8. The implemented software is an application that runs on a desktop and tablet PCs.

The blend of XAML and C# which was used in the development process ensured a common approach to the software design for the different environments the application was designed to run on.

Data access was handled by a set of asynchronously executed WCF-services.

Additionally, the new features of the C# language (async/await functions) helped us avoid overcomplicating the asynchronous data processing and enabled us to implement a smooth, ergonomic, and responsive UI.

The app was developed using Visual Studio 12, .NET Framework 4.5 and WinRT. The innovative Modern UI concept provided a consistent UI style and appearance.

Quality Assurance was conducted with the help of Team Foundation Server 2012, including a source code repository, automated QA, bug tracking, project tracking, and management.

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