UNIX/Linux Development


Why UNIX / Linux?

  • UNIX platforms provide native environment for web and other network applications
  • Many industry-standard solutions (e. g. Oracle products) are grown in UNIX / Linux, so it may be just a natural bed for new system
  • UNIX is an ability to use a variety of Open Source products that save time and reduce costs

Princeton Web Systems UNIX Team

Princeton Web Systems has a number of experts in development and administration of UNIX application. Apart from them, many employees specializing in relevant domains (Java or certain QA directions) have some UNIX skills and understanding of concepts. The team has completed a number of projects. Other major fields we were working over last few years are as follows:
  • Network performance monitoring and management
  • Low latency trading - high precision reporting of network timing
  • Large-scale web portals
  • Email processing (filtering, anti-spam solutions, integration)
  • Automation in distributed environments
  • VOIP
  • Enterprise user identity solutions

Technical Capabilities

  • Linux, FreeBSD, Oracle Solaris
  • Virtualization technologies (both OS and hardware level)
  • Heterogeneous distributed systems
  • Fault tolerant solutions
  • Enterprise products (Oracle) customization / maintenance / integration with
  • C / C++ / Java / Perl / PHP / Python / Ruby / shell scripting
  • X11/Xorg based GUI applications
  • Legacy web technologies (LAMP, strong expertise in Apache internals)
  • Secure communications (SSL/TSL), cryptography
  • Profiling and optimization
  • Kernel development
  • Embedded solutions
  • Java development for UNIX
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