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Data Visualization

We Help to Tell Your Story with Data

data_visualizationData visualization (a.k.a. information visualization) is a study of visual representation of data, in other words, the study of information that has been abstracted in some schematic form, including attributes or variables of that information. The main goal of data visualization is clear and efficient data representation.

Infographics and data visualization are helpful for:

  • Telling a story in a visually appealing way
  • Performing analysis of complex data sets interactively
  • Attracting new clients by demonstrating how their statistical data can be effectively presented (i.e. in the financial sphere)


  • Contains images which represent particular ideas from the dataset
  • Emphasizes a story and draws attention to key ideas
  • Created by designers in Photoshop or Illustrator

Video Graphics

  • Contains movies created to represent ideas from the dataset
  • Similar to Infographics but different format for data representation

Data Visualization

  • Represents numerical data in a visual format
  • Can be made interactive, for users to manipulate the data and analyze it efficiently
  • Created by developers with specific tools and libraries

Primary Types of Visualization

  • Time-Series A sequence of data points, typically measured at successive points in time, spaced at uniform time intervals. May be used for forecasting, anomaly detection, etc.
  • Networking Representation of vertices and edges of a graph. Used to display and analyze connections between entities. May be used to display social network analysis (sociograms), process flow (flow charts), etc.
  • Hierarchies
  • Used to display entities with some parent-dependent relations, such as organization charts, tree maps, etc.
  • Statistical This type is represented by such popular techniques as pie charts, bar charts and other techniques which allow to analyze numerical and statistical data
  • Maps Cartographic information is used in a variety of industries and may be used to display any data which is linked to geographic objects – countries, states, cities, coordinates, etc. Usually used in conjunction with other types of visualization

Impress with the Way Your Data is Presented

With the evolvement of the analytics industry, the need for infographics and data visualization increases each day. How Princeton Web Systems' Data Visualization experience can help you:
  • Let us do your data research. We use leading software packages such as D3.js, Tableau, Processing and Raphael to work with your database, spreadsheet or NoSQL storage, and build beautiful visualizations to tell business stories supported by your data
  • Create interactive real-time visualizations using leading 3D, HTML5, native products or custom visualizations, based on WebGL or HTML5 canvas technologies
  • Interactive and non-interactive reporting with leading market tools such as:
    • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting/Analysis Services
    • Active Reports
    • SAS Business intelligence software
    • Dundas data visualization software
  • Capture, import, analyze, mash-up and transform text, numeric, graphical or streaming data using comitial products and open source Big Data tools
  • Data visualization for Financial, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality and Media industries

All visualizations may be easily shared and integrated with your website and mobile applications with HTML5, or be made as stand-alone desktop applications.


Industries Set to Benefit from Data Visualization

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Data visualization technologies are used across many industries. Below are examples of simple problems our data visualization experts can solve.


  • Analysis of the statistics of diseases
  • Integration with EMR: visualization of patient lifeline
  • Visualization of patient medical exams results
  • Visualization of practice performance

Financial Services

  • Visualize financial information for better understanding and analysis i.e. to determine investment recommendations
  • Show market data in visual form
  • Social media visualization
  • Insurance analysis

Logistics & Transportation

  • Supply chain management and analysis
  • Geographic data visualization
  • Integration with job planning tools and visualization of workload and activities

Travel & Hospitality

  • Integrate visualization tools with trip planning software
  • Visualization of routes
  • Price maps
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