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Kinect in Business? We Can Help to Implement!

kinectwindowsKinect technology by Microsoft has opened a completely new way of how users interact with software, and at a very attractive price. A set of technologies, commonly referred to as Natural User Interface (NUI), created a lot of opportunities for building smart, intuitive applications as they recognize body language, voice commands and even emotions.

The demand for NUI software solutions comes from a variety of industries, which are proactively adopting solutions based on Kinect technology:

  • Healthcare
    • Rehabilitation
    • Helping disabled people
    • Software with hands-free interfaces
  • Media & Advertising
    • Emotion-based advertisement targeting
    • Augmented reality (AR) applications for e-commerce
    • Consumer behavior research
  • Robotics
    • Controlling robots with gestures and voice
    • Recognizing landscape and avoiding obstacles
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Automated services (self-service kiosks, etc.)
xbox-one-kinect Princeton Web Systems has accumulated expertise in Kinect technology through a series of R&D projects (see below). We help businesses explore the new opportunities that Kinect brings to the market.
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