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Oracle Expertise

OraclePrinceton Web Systems has always used Oracle technologies as a powerful tool for implementing enterprise solutions. However, if previously we used Oracle only on projects for our large clients, today Princeton Web Systems makes Oracle solutions available for Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) as the use of this technology is often crucial for clients' organic growth.

We are proud to report that we possess over +50,000 hours of total Oracle experience, including projects in the following areas:

  • Internet services
  • Telecommunications
  • Publishing
  • Asset Management
  • Workflow Automation and Job Tracking
  • Billing

While working on these projects, Princeton Web Systems has mastered all the features of the Oracle platform, including interMedia, Oracle Text and object capabilities introduced in the latest releases of Oracle Database Server.

Apart from the standard Oracle Developers Suite products, Princeton Web Systems utilizes Microsoft .NET, Java, C++ and third party reporting tools for developing client-side applications.

We've made good use of Oracle Application Server for the creation of three-tier architecture applications and of Oracle Discoverer for the development of analytical systems.

Our technical capabilities include:

  • Oracle Database (SQL, PL/SQL, object capabilities)
  • Oracle Text
  • interMedia
  • Oracle Discoverer
  • Oracle Application Server
  • Oracle Portal
  • Reports Developer
  • Forms Developer
  • JSP & PSP
  • OC4J
  • Oracle e-Business Suite (modules FA, ABM)

Princeton Web Systems is an expert in migrating data to Oracle databases and porting various applications to the Oracle platform.

We have carried out monumental projects using such formal methodologies as Oracle CDM and RUP. However, since these solutions are often time and money consuming, we offer a more flexible, lighter models which allow for faster and more affordable development process - maintaining the quality of the product and providing for the flexibility of the system's evolution and growth.

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