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Internet and Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is used to help organizations connect to their target markets, gain customer insight and promote customer retention and loyalty. Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or blogging may be used to create an interaction platform for the company or its products. With an increasing number of cell phones being developed with social media capabilities, a company’s visibility can only increase in the future by using this strong marketing tool.

When you combine highly targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, viral social media programs and text and mobile marketing campaigns, you have an online marketing strategy that delivers real results.

At Princeton Web Systems we believe in Social Media Optimization by matching our capabilities aptly to your requirements. We understand that Social Media Marketing is about building a conversation with your target audience, and we give you the best advice and tools to enable this.

Princeton Web Systems helps you optimize your campaign by helping you create a strategy, build strong SEO content, create inbound traffic through Link Building and SEO Links, build custom apps to promote your product or promote internal branding through social media.

We can help you take advantage of all possible online resources to help your business achieve its goals – SEO, SEM, online public relations, and social media.

Why Princeton Web Systems Social Media Marketing Services?

  • Use social media to build communities and create a well known brand
  • Make your content highly scalable and accessible
  • Create and promote viral marketing campaigns
  • Develop your Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Build credibility with your customers or target audience
  • Use Social Media to reach potential employees or current employees
  • Build apps for monitoring social media
  • Reach out to your customers through web text and mobile technologies

Affiliate Marketing

A popular internet marketing methodology, affiliate marketing involves revenue sharing and commissions based marketing to generate more sales and are commonly used by price comparison websites, coupon websites, and even pure content websites.

Often overlooked by businesses, it can help generate a passive but continuous stream of traffic, when combined with other online advertising methods. The added benefit of affiliate marketing is a significantly lower amount of competing businesses, making it a great choice for startup ventures and new product launches.

Princeton Web Systems has a team of adept and deft network marketing experts who have created long term success for clients through smart, strategic marketing techniques.


  • Ability to partner with high traffic blogs and websites to promote your product and business, giving a much needed boost to your product through its unique pay for action format.
  • Reach new customers beyond the purview of search engines, print, and social media by reaching out to regular readers of a blog or website who may not be looking for your product directly.
  • Track each sale through advanced reporting and metrics available by affiliate networks, using a unique affiliate ID which is given to each website and blog.
  • Create an income stream through price comparison and coupon websites, helping you generate money and also get a profitable income.


  • Initial consultation and discussion to determine scope for affiliate marketing taking into account factors like current business model, target audience, and available marketing methods.
  • Ongoing support for current affiliate marketing strategies and development of new techniques for more traffic and sales.
  • Regular updates about performance and sales or lead generation through affiliate advertising.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an ingenious marketing strategy used by businesses all across the world to relay promotional activity or connect with their customers. Your prospective customers are subjected to a barrage of emails from your competitors daily. If you are not in this list, you are missing out on potential eye balls and passive sales.

Businesses can use email marketing as an effective method to engage customers and encourage them to purchase your products by increasing awareness about your brand, offering deals and discounts, and sending regular emails.

Princeton Web Systems has a dedicated team of email marketing professionals that spend time understanding your business model and target audience to come up with fool proof methods of converting a single purchase customer to a customer for life.


  • Email marketing is among the most popular online marketing technique used by businesses.
  • Email marketing tools and software provide in depth reporting and analytical interfaces that enable businesses to track exact return on investment.
  • Emails can be targeted to be delivered when most of your audience will be online, making it easier for them to initiate quick actions.
  • Most email services support text and rich HTML, allowing businesses to create lucid and attractive email blasts that keep customers hooked.
  • Cost effective and economical for small to medium businesses.


  • Preliminary consultation and strategy creation for long term email marketing success, depending on business model and advertising goals.
  • Ongoing support for creating, optimizing, and sending email blasts to catch user attention and garner necessary responses.
  • Advanced reporting, analysis, and tracking to help businesses understand return on investment for email marketing.
  • Email blast creation by a team of designers and experts.

Why Choose Us

  • A certified team of email marketing experts who have the experience and skills required to create successful campaigns for branding, promotion, and sales.
  • Economical package solutions designed to cater to all your needs while keeping your budget in mind.
  • Dedicated, round the clock availability.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is a broad umbrella term that encompasses several new age advertising technologies such as search engine marketing, display advertising, email marketing, and many others. Used by businesses all over the world to deliver ads to a global audience, online advertising is fast becoming the method of choice for many verticals.

It offers a definite competitive advantage over traditional methods of advertising, allowing small and medium business to compete in a fierce market at the same level as a large player, giving them a level playing field.

At Princeton Web Systems, the online advertising team consists of internet marketing gurus who provide support and solutions for a myriad of advertising technologies.


  • Compared to traditional advertising models of print and television, online advertising is cost effective and more economical.
  • Businesses have the ability to tie each click to potential sales, giving them accurate data with which to calculate their return on investment.
  • Can be effectively utilized by all kinds of businesses, included B2B and financial industries.
  • Online advertising tools and products allow complete customization of banners and display ads.
  • Advanced reporting and analysis tools are available to determine profits and create budget reports.


  • Initial consultation and in depth brainstorming to create a plan of action that determines online advertising channels which will be beneficial for a particular business model.
  • Creation of banner ads, interstitials, and effective advertisements that reach potential customers and invoke action.
  • Continuous optimization and improvement to current advertising strategies.
  • Ongoing support for ad distribution and performance analysis.

Why Choose Us

  • A team of certified experts create effective online advertising plans that deliver great results.
  • We understand your need to find budget friendly solutions for promoting your business, which is why we have economical plans to suit every business.
  • Professional, dedicated team that focuses on time bound delivery.

Pay Per Click Advertising

A targeted online advertising model, pay per click (PPC) advertising can be used to leverage product USP and generate qualified leads and sales. Several impressive platforms, such as Google AdWords, Microsoft Ad Center, and Facebook Ads, provide excellent features that can help businesses get the maximum bang for their buck.

In a fiercely competitive global market, using pay per click advertising or PPC can make your brand stand out and get you consumers from all across the world without the need to invest in exorbitant traditional advertising methods, such as newspapers and TV.

Princeton Web Systems has a team of certified subject matter experts who have several years of industry experience in creating high performing PPC campaigns that are guaranteed to yield results.


  • Economical compared to traditional advertising methods such as print, radio, and television.
  • Provides a broader reach by allowing advertisers to target ads to global consumers.
  • Allows businesses to keep their advertising costs in check by providing details for each single click, helping calculate return on investment easily.
  • Can be used to advertise a wide range of products and reach prospective consumers through a myriad of targeting options.
  • Complete control over advertising campaigns that allows unlimited changes to ads and keywords.
  • Sophisticated user interfaces allow advanced reporting, segmentation, and demographic analysis.


  • In depth account analysis and strategy reporting to tap into unexplored areas.
  • Advertising support for traffic, branding, sales, and lead generation services.
  • Campaign and account optimization for performance improvement and positive return on investment.
  • Post optimization support and sale monitoring.
  • New campaign creation from scratch, based on successful advertising methodologies perfected by our team of experts.

Why choose us

  • A highly experienced team of certified search engine marketing and pay per click marketing experts who spend time understanding your advertising goals and your business to give a marketing campaign that is targeted to woo new consumers.
  • Cost effective, economical solutions that provide definite, long term results without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • A serious and professional work approach means you get answers to all your questions in a timely manner.

Search Engine Optimization

80% consumers reach websites through search engines, making search engine optimization an integral component of your marketing efforts. Simply put, search engine optimization can help a business rank high on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! It allows you to get long term return on investment and generate a continuous traffic stream, helping your business generate passive income year on year.

At Princeton Web Systems, a team of search engine optimization specialists work with you to guarantee targeted traffic, increased visibility, and long term positioning to get impactful results. Our search engine optimization services include on page optimization and off page optimization.

On Page Optimization

Simply put, on page optimization refers to the factors on your website that affect its ranking on search engines. These may include codes, meta tags, and keywords. On page optimization involves tweaks and changes to image and alt tags and increasing or decreasing keyword density, which helps in ascertaining how well your website will be ranked against competitors.

On page optimization factors are completely under the control of a webmaster and can be changed easily.

Off Page Optimization

Unlike on page optimization, off page optimization factors are not under the control of the webmaster and require continuous effort to implement. These include factors like link building and page rank, which are increased by executing strategies such as article marketing, guest posting, and others

Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization

  • Long term results through keyword positioning that enable a website to stay in a higher ranking spot for months on end.
  • A highly economical solution that does not require investment in pay per click models where each click needs to be paid for.
  • Increased return on investment and more sales through increase in ranking.
  • Increased visibility on search engines equals increase in traffic and a better user experience.
  • Allows prospective customers to navigate websites effortlessly and creates a happier shopping experience.


  • On page and off page optimization carried out by industry experts and certified professionals who have years of experience in creating powerful search engine optimization strategies.
  • Ongoing, long term support for optimized websites to tap into off page optimization factors and increase visibility.
  • Post optimization support for any tweaking or minor changes required.
  • In depth consultation with our subject matter experts.

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced and adept team of qualified specialists who spend time understanding your requirements to give you the best results within your budget.
  • Budget friendly plans that are designed to provide you with long term sustainable solutions.
  • A professional approach to handling client queries – empowering businesses and providing answers to all your questions in a timely manner

Social Media Optimization

After the success of social media marketing, marketing experts have now moved on to creating highly successful campaigns through social media optimization. The premise is to optimize websites using tweaked search engine optimization tools so it can be linked to social media posts and thus, be available to a larger audience.

With more and more users being online on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and others, it becomes extremely important for businesses to successfully use these avenues for promoting their products and services.

At Princeton Web Systems, we take social media optimization very seriously. Our team of experts undergoes a rigorous training module and have years of hands on experience in creating high performing social media campaigns for a vast array of businesses.


  • Create a powerful online brand that is synonymous with users and helps target new customers through continuous content updates.
  • Adding fresh content gives users something to talk about, increasing indirect promotion and generating a buzz about new products.
  • Can also help in creating alternative streams of consumer interaction through blogging, micro-blogging, and effective social media presence.
  • Participating in social media discussions with customers enables you to understand their needs and solve customer problems easily, increasing brand loyalty.


  • Preliminary consultation which includes website analysis and a thorough analysis of current social media presence.
  • Increasing static content to generate more links, allowing users to share new things and talk about your brand.
  • Creating videos and audios and marketing them through viral methods.
  • Advanced plans for rewarding users and keeping them engaged so as to promote brand.

Why Choose us

  • A highly experienced and certified team of social media optimization experts who launch your campaigns from start to finish with ease.
  • Increasing static content to generate more links, allowing users to share new things and talk about your brand.
  • Budget friendly solutions for all businesses, allowing small and medium businesses to compete with the big fish.
  • High performance results by a team of subject matter experts that delivers on time solutions so your mission critical requirements proceed seamlessly.
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